Methodological framework

Art4Med methodological framework contributes to the collaborative efforts between artists and health and biomedical researchers. As such, it offers a crossover between European cultural and research frameworks with focus on art-driven innovation. It is based on the Collaboration toolkit developed through STARTS projects and interdisciplinary residencies in last five years and Open Source Hardware framework developed through the ongoing OpenNext project.

On first level, Art4Med methodological framework defines the collaboration, point of departure and targeted goals of the residency. Based on that, collaborators outlay the Residency Journey which functions as an overview of resources, activities and tactics required through different phases of the research or innovation efforts. Such outlay will serve as a shared overview of planned activities while pointing out pathways of specific residencies as well as more particular needs of each residency.

Residency Journey will be updated once during the residency if plans change due to the project development.

By the end of the project, all Residency Journeys will be presented visually overlaying each other, identifying mutualities between them, pointing specific focuses and especially highlighting trajectories of art-driven innovation.